Kari C. Tauring

Kari C. Tauring is a staff carrier, Völva in Old Norse. A story teller, musician, and healer, she began studying and practicing the Norse runes and other traditions of her heritage in the late 1980's. She also studied Native American and Celtic traditions (both parts of her genetic heritage), dream work, herbalism, martial arts and Eastern philosophy. Her practice of using the staff as rhythm stick for galdor and seidr work (rune magic and journeying) has become known throughout ölva Stav. With undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and English, she earned a Master of Arts in 1996 and has been teaching, writing about and singing from the heart of the Völva since that time. Her book The Runes: A Human Journey (2007) and her CD Völva Songs (2008) are the products of over twenty years of research and practice, serving to heal the wounds of broken indigenous European traditions. Her work is well respected throughout the United States by groups as diverse as the Norwegian Lutheran Church and the Midwest Heathen Association.

Introduction to Völva Stav

Völva is Old Norse for Staff Carrier, and the honored title of indigenous European women's spiritual leader. Using the staff, Kari Tauring and Drew Miller will teach us to connect our bodies to the world tree, create rhythm and chant for visiting the nine worlds of the tree, and use the runes in galdor to shift energy for healing and other spiritual work.

Völva Songs

Relax and listen to the songs and stories of the staff carrier from ancient times to immigrant times. Kari Tauring will weave runespells while drop spinning to the whirling dulcimer of Drew Miller. Hear the churning spells. Remember the world tree deep in your bones through the VoluspaKariOla sung in the ancient tongue.

















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