Kirk Thomas

Kirk Thomas is currently the ADF Vice-Archdruid as well as Chief for the ADF Liturgists Guild, Preceptor of the ADF Bardic Guild and Pennaeth (Chief) of the Welsh Kin. As Liturgist for the Sonoran Sunrise Grove, he wrote many of their rituals, and now holds public rites at Trout Lake Abbey, his new home in Washington state. He has been an ADF Dedicant Priest (and member of the ADF Clergy Council) since October, 2003 and is currently working towards his Masters Degree in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales, as well as the Second and Third Circles of both the ADF Clergy Training Program and the Liturgist Guild Study Program.

Ancient Celtic Religion

Many Neopagans talk about their religion being "Celtic", usually meaning based on something either Irish or Welsh which dates from around the arrival of Christianity to the British Isles. But what about the mainland Celts who lived and worshipped their Gods before the arrival of the Romans? What was their religion like? This workshop will explore what we know about the Celts of ancient Gaul from examinations of the writings of the peoples of the ancient Mediterranean, some of the vernacular literature and through the archeological record. This class will include a PowerPoint presentation.

















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