Alan Washington

Alan Washington has been studying and pursuing spirituality and holistic well being for over 20 years. His studies have followed an eclectic path with an emphasis on prayer, meditation, introspection, and attention to physical well-being, further expanding into a study of energetic healing modalities including shamanism, Reiki, acupressure, energy meridian therapies, and aromatherapy. Alan is an ordained minister, Reiki master, EFT practitioner and teacher and has recently become a full-fledged "rock whore" – a step beyond being a rock hound. Alan is owner of Arctura Scents, an aromatherapy products company.

Beyond the Power of Intention

The Law of Attraction takes the quantum-physics-meets-spirituality of “What The Bleep...” fame into the practical application arena. The teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and others talk about how to apply the Law of Attraction through the Power of Intention to manifest what we desire. But putting the Law of Attraction to work through the use of the Power of Intention isn’t necessarily as simple as “visualize it and have it appear.” Alan will explain some of the potential pitfalls to manifesting through intention, how to correct and/or avoid them, and present some ways to increase the effectiveness of our intending, attracting and manifesting.

Muscle Response Testing

Explore the possibilities of Muscle Response Testing to find out your personal truths, how well you’re able to metabolize foods, check the health of your body’s energy system and more. Muscle Response Testing is a great tool that can be used on self or others – we’ll explore various ways of testing others and reliable ways of self-testing, plus look at what it can be used for through hands-on practice

















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