Elisheva is originally from the Upper Galilee,Israel, She is elected Shophet(Seer chieftain and mediator) of the USA Am HA Aretz aka AMHA a tradition of Israeli Nature Spirituality. Elisheva studied at Tel Aviv University Department of Ancient Mid Eastern Studies; served in the Israeli security Forces,retired; ran an international business, retired; and is now a counselor and organizational consultant in private practice. She has taught at Starwood since the early 90s and has lectured internationally.

The Middle-Eastern Tree of Life-A picture History

Many cultures have sacred Trees and cosmic Trees; so does the Middle East. From tribal and shamanistic days, through Ancient Egypt to Modern Jewish Kabalah,the Mid Eastern Tree has changed meaning, attributions and mystical uses. And yes-It changed even sex! We will discuss the imagery, significance,and ritual meaning of this powerful symbol and how they changed over time and place Come with questions

The Oldest Goddess of Ancient Israel- her imagery and meaning

New for Starwood! Contrary to common belief, there were "native" Goddesses revered in Ancient Israel; you may have heard of the Hebrew/canaanite Goddess Asherat; or of Lilith; but had you ever heard of Rahmay-the Womb of the World? Come ready to learn some interesting things about this half forgotten all powerful Earth Goddess of the ancient west Semitic world! her image has been found in Israel excavations; and though She was never forgotten, we know more now about who She is!

The Sacred Uses of Hebrew Lots

You may already have been introduced to divination with Hebrew lots in one of my earlier workshops. Or, you may have attended a public lot casting Ritual. This is neither. In this workshop we will take you a few steps further. We will talk about the uses of lots for healing, self healing, and meditation to strengthen the soul and improve our coping Come with questions; if you already own lots please bring them ; time permitting we will practice together.

















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