Joy Wedmedyk

Joy Wedmedyk (Olorisha Omi Lasa) is an initiated priestess in Regla de Ocha, an Ifa tradition commonly referred to as Santeria. For 30 years she has studied and learned from the spirits and ancestors of the planet and from the indigenous people of the Americas, Africa and Cuba. Joy continues to develop her skills as priestess, medium, healer, artist and drum maker. She has been traveling and teaching for over 25 years. Her workshops give the participants an opportunity to experience and learn from the cosmology and mythology of the indigenous people of the earth. She will speak on Santeria and Ancestor Worship.

Ancestor Reverence

Indigenous People around the world have recognized the primary importance of our Ancestors in our world and in our lives. Forming and recognizing bonds with the Ancestors will give us strong ways to grow spiritually, give us a sense of support and purpose and help us to acquire the wisdom we need to fulfill our destiny. This workshop covers ways to develop reverent communication and worship to our own Ancestors. Topics covered will include how to build different types of ancestor alters (from the simple to the complex), how to pray and ask for guidance, and offerings and foods that are traditionally given to the ancestors. Please wear something white or light colored to cover your head.

Hoop Style Drum making

Hoop Style Drum making Drum Making--Shamans Peace Drum--14" hoop Indigenous people around the world have used Hoop Drums to commune with spirit and bring healing and wholeness to the self and the community. Journey with others on this sacred path and create your own deer rawhide drum from start to finish along with a leather covered beater. We will begin with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to the deer spirit and to the universal rhythms of life and conclude with a blessing ceremony to honor the Drum. Please call for information on other hoop sizes that are available. Please note: This is a two day workshop, four hours each day. Check out all the drums that are offered at

Manifestations of the Orisha

This workshop focuses on bringing to those that have not been initiated into the traditions of Ifa an understanding and respect of these Forces of Nature known as the Orisha. We will discuss the manifestations of the Orisha in our daily life. Recognizing and working with the power of these Forces of Nature can bring growth and power to those that learn to see the Orisha in others, in the powers of the mother earth, in herbs and plants, and in relationship to each other. It will cover the creation of alters used for devotion, prayers for personal use, and cleansing and healing baths.

Mediumship and Psychic Communication

Developing and using mediumship abilities are one way to create and maintain strong connections to ourhelpful spirits and ancestors. These connections bring about the fulfillment of our destiny and the path to healing. This workshop will cover the following topics: *Our connection to the world of the spirits; *Sťances, development circles and Spirit Mass; *How to create your own spiritual development circle. *The different skills of a psychic medium such as clairvoyance and psychometry. There will be opportunities in class to practices some of the mediumship skills learned in the workshop.

















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