West is a neo-pagan druid (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids), with a background in Plains-Indian sweatlodges and Native American Church (Peyote Road). He is an active organic gardener, beekeeper, and wildcrafter. He is slowly taking a Victorian house off-grid, having converted fully to solar thermal water and heat this past Autumn. His academic and professional experience is in macro-economics and public finance, with a focus on energy, utilities and transportation. He is pursuing certification in Biodynamic food production and permaculture design

Composting and Topsoil: How and Why, From a Druidic View

Many successful gardeners like to say they don't really grow plants -- rather, they grow soil, and good plants are the simply evidence of the attention. This is a beginning workshop in the foundation of local food production: understanding composting and soil. I will discuss the basics of the primary types of composting, why and how, and the advantages of each. One of them is right for you! We'll focus on understanding principles, and avoid the fancy expensive stuff. At the end, you should be able to start composting at home.

Permaculture and Post-petroleum Food Production

A description of permaculture, and the unique techniques of low-energy food production. We'll have Q&A regarding the current situation in post-petroleum agriculture, and how to be best positioned for the high-demand skills in the near future. I'll demonstrate a completely organic fertilizer, and explain what's in it and why. This course is somewhat advanced, for those who can already grow stuff. Recommended advance reading: Gardening When It Counts, by Steve Solomon (University of Oregon).

The Melissa: Beekeeping Q and A

Curious about the lifestyle of bees, or what's involved in backyard beekeeping? West will describe the lifestyle of domestic bees, and show how they can be included in your home, from a spiritual perspective. This workshop is an explanation of home beekeeping (as best time will allow), with an opportunity to for questions about Hive Love and The Melissa, who lives inside it. Bring Mead!

















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