Melissa Youssi

Melissa is a Certified Nurse Midwife who has attended births in home, birth center and hospital settings. She longs for all women to choose their personal paths to power and reclaim birth as woman's direct channel to Divinity Within. Her MA in Midwifery came from NYU in 2004 but her most important credentials are the homebirth of her son, Arden, and the women she has served during their most profound moments of transformation.

Birthing Circle

Birthing Circle (for women only) Birth experiences range from physically assaultive and traumatic to empowering and joyful. In this age of medicalization and the seeming victory of paternalization in women's health and birth care, let a circle of women applaud your strength or lend you a shoulder to cry on. Bring your stories, seek healing or sharing, and shared healing. Bring compassion and tissues. Boast about your journey and we will revel in your accomplishment! Open your heart, your soul, your ears and your arms, for birth is a Women's Mystery. Let us share the timeless tradition of women telling their most poignant and significant stories.

Childbirth in America

The history of birth in the United States is fraught with fear of feminine power rampantly demonstrated by our culture and specific to no gender. Explore the ebb and flow of women claiming and refusing birth power over the past 100 years. What is happening now? Have we given our power to the omnipotent doctor, the scalpel, the abdominal scar, the epidemic of induction and medical birth? And how do we get it back?

















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