Autumn Ridler-Pippin

Autumn Ridler-Pippin is a graduate from the University of Akron with a Bachelors degree in Moderate/Intensive Educational needs, and has begun work towards a Masters degree in Informational Technology. Autumn has been an Intervention Specialist for Akron Public schools for the past three years and for one year with the Geauga County MRDD. During these four years, Autumn has worked with all kinds of specialists and advocates for her students whose disabilities ranged from mild learning disabilities to severe mental retardation. Having worked with such an array of students and other professionals Autumn is slightly different from the other Intervention Specialists for students with more severe disabilities because she treats the students and the class with the same amount of respect and dignity that she would to a general education classroom. Autumn sets high, yet attainable, goals for all her students then spends the time to help the students achieve those goals. She is a firm believer that all students regardless of ability should have access to the best education possible which includes all the available technological advances.

Special Education and Us!

If you are a parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt/uncle etc. of a child with disabilities then this workshop is for you. Join us as we discuss an array of disabilities and what the school district(s) are/should be doing for the child in your life. Thursday we will go over Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities and Mild Behaviors. Friday we will discuss Severe Behavior, Autism Spectrum and Mental Retardation. Saturday we will recap Thursday and Friday, and answer any other questions your may have left unanswered. Then with the remainder of time we will have open forum discussion where we will offer each other support and guidance, it helps knowing your not alone in your struggle. Please if possible bring a copy of the childísí IEP (Individual Education Plan) and/or MFE (Multi-Factored Evaluation) and I will offer personalized feedback.

















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