Marieken Volz

After decades of meditation and spiritual seeking, Marieken was introduced to the Oneness Blessing (deeksha). Even though meditation and other spiritual exploits had definitely brought great benefit, they had not really affected some very deep fears and anxieties that plagued her day-to-day life. After receiving Oneness Blessing for the first time, she experienced a profound peace the likes of which she had not experienced before. She deeply knew that the seeking was finally over. Over the next weeks and months as she received more Oneness Blessing, she could see my life starting to change. Deeply ingrained dysfunctional patterns began to loosen. She began to easily and deeply experience suppressed emotions and deep transformations began to occur. The fears and anxieties that had plagued her all her life began to release. Her heart opened, deep insights began to occur, and life ceased to be an internal tug-of-war. Her inner experience is continuing to grow ever more peaceful, joyful, and loving, regardless of what is occurring in the outside world. In November of 2005, Marieken traveled to the Oneness University in India to undergo a 21 day process that would enable her to give the Oneness Blessing to others. It is her deepest desire to share this gift with anyone seeking to awaken to higher states of consciousness or find unconditional love, peace, and joy in life. Marieken lives in Rutland, VT where she also serve as a mediator in family and other conflicts. Since discovering Oneness Blessing, She has dedicated her life to serving humanity by transferring this energy to whomever desires to receive it. She gives workshops in Vermont and New Hampshire and surrounding areas, and also gives private consultations and offers phone/distance Blessings to people throughout the USA, Canada, and recently via the internet, worldwide.

Experience Oneness Blessing (deeksha)

Short explanation of Oneness phenomenon, then transfer of Oneness Blessing to participants. Oneness Blessing involves a transfer of intelligent sacred energy via the hands or intention intended to bring about the flowering of the heart and facilitate moving into higher states of consciousness. The blessing seems to facilitate a neuro-biological shift in the brain and to increase the flow of energy through the chakras, thereby awakening an awareness of presence and oneness. By silencing the ceaseless chatter of the mind, Oneness Blessing can shift your perspective, enabling you to simply experience reality as it is, in the present moment where there is peace. As the overactive mind calms, awareness of the heart grows. As a result, relationships, emotional well-being, and success in the world gradually or suddenly improve. The benefits of Oneness Blessing are unique to each individual. Some people report experiences of bliss and expansion; others of calm, silence, and inner peace; and others of awakening to a sense of oneness with all life and an increased sense of love and compassion. Some people don't have any particular experiences but find that their everyday life experience improves over time. Oneness Blessing originated in India and does not belong to any particular spiritual or religious tradition, and seems to enhance whatever path you may be on.

















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