Beyond 101: Taking Wicca to the Next Level

Presented by Taliesin Govannon.

For those starting out on the path, there's hundreds, if not thousands, of books to guide you. But what about *after* you've mastered the basics? On that subject, there's often a defening silence. And yet, if the Craft of the Wise is truly to become a 21st century religion, the need is great for people to step beyond the beginner's books, to dig deeper instead of just scratching the surface. In this workshop, 20+ year veteran of Wicca Taliesin Govannon shares some handy tips for deepening your Wiccan practice, no matter what your particular tradition may be. He'll also share some guideposts he's discovered towards exploring the deeper mysteries of Wicca, as well as some funny stories about the spirits he's encountered along the way.

















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