Pagan Mythbusters!

Presented by Taliesin Govannon.

There are some historical references that have become so commonly talked about in the modern Neo-Pagan scene that many accept them as fact. Such as the nine million people (almost always women) who were killed during the "Burning Times", and how many of those targeted were strong willed women, herbalists, and midwives. Or the cult of the Mother Goddess that stretched across ancient Europe. And how Gerald Gardner probably made the whole "Wicca" thing up, and the "New Forest Coven" that he said initiated him was probably a fiction to lend his invention credibility. Why, these things are just givens, right? > Wrong! In this informative workshop, Taliesin shares the modern research that shed light on these fallicies, and the often incredible stories that get forgotten in the shadow of these modern fables (for example: in some areas, almost all of those tried and executed as witches were men. In others, midwives were used to examine suspected witches and played an important role in the persecutions. And while there was never a universal cult of the "Great Mother", there were countless facinating local Goddesses who may just appeal to modern Pagans even more!). For those who believe that our modern Paganisms benefit much more from an honest understanding of our past than a fanciful imagination of what "would have been neat" but never were, this presentation is a must!

















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