Pagan Studies 101

Presented by Jason Winslade.

Recently the American Academy of Religions approved Pagan Studies as a fully realized academic focus group. This move indicates that after decades of skepticism and ridicule, mainstream academia has finally legitimized the study of Paganism as an important field within religious studies. But what is Pagan Studies? Can you get a degree in it? This workshop will cover the basics of this exciting new area and what the possibilities are for researching, publishing, and teaching Pagan Studies. We will also discuss the many issues raised by the presence of Paganism in the halls of academia and the implications of the fact that a good many Pagan Studies scholars are also practitioners. In addition, we will discuss what it means to introduce occult concepts in the classroom. This workshop is for anyone with an academic interest in Paganism and occultism, whether you want to take a college course in it, get a degree in it, publish in it, or you already have.

















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