Personal Evolution: A Program for Self-Empowerment

Presented by Elspeth.

These sessions are intended to help you re-focus your life. They are designed as a complete unit, so if you miss one, you must make it up before you can continue to the next. You will benefit in proportion to the energy you are willing to invest in them. There will be homework. These sessions will require thinking.

#1: I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT, BUT I KNOW IT ISNT THIS! This session will help you identify your real goals and find what gives your life meaning.

#2 WHOS PULLING YOUR STRINGS? . What is blocking your ability to act with free will to achieve your real goals (see #1)? Why do you feel unable to go forward?

#3: RELEASING THE TIES THAT BIND In this session, we will work on untangling the strings that others have tied. We will also study the mechanisms of our own fear driven strings. (see session #2)

#4: I AM STRONG, POWERFUL, AND CAPABLE! Having made sense of both goals and barriers - now is the time to recognize our abilities, talents, and strengths.

















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