Poly 101 Pt. II

Presented by Catrice Morning Bird Thornton.

Practical Poly. You will hear a lot about communication and the need for open and honest communication, but not so much on HOW to communicate. Also talking about when is the right time to communicate. Things like Imago techniques, learning the difference between Jealousy and Envy, and how to deal with both. Setting rules or boundaries within your relationships and between metamours. A head's up on things that can cause the most common difficulties, also known as "Poly Potholes" that most people run into and the best way to navigate through those and if possible steer clear!

Both classes will have one to two hand outs for people with terms and resources listed. Time at the end for questions and personal reflection on the information. I would prefer the classes be done up in the Faerie Woods, both for comfort and to get more involved up in the Wood. I will be working and hosting the Faerie Woods so can not do either class during the GLBT community meeting or Faerie High Tea, everything else can be worked around.

















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