Reiki Level I (Beginner) Class - Part One

Presented by Satayana.

No max # of attendance - all welcome to attend! Experience Reiki ("pronounced Ray-Key") - a powerful form of Japanese gentle touch energywork that can be used on oneself and others to relieve pain, soothe stress, and enhance wellbeing. When taught as originally intended, Reiki is unique in that it is not a technique-driven or faith based system, and is therefore a simple, safe & ego-less form that even a child can learn and use! This is achieved through the unique Reiki attunement (see Part Two workshop) - a process that allows anyone to experience a stronger "ki" flow through their bodies and hands. Learn Reiki's origins, nature, and applications both as a healing art and magickal tool, and witness what it can do for pain! This class qualifies you to take the Part Two workshop where you will receive the necessary attunement to initiate the stronger "ki" flow required to perform Reiki yourself and others with ease, and become certified as a Level I practitioner.

















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