Tantra For Beginners

Presented by Allyson "Inanna" Peterson.

The purpose of tantric workshop A "Tantra for Beginners", is to introduce students to Inanna's Tantric Method using a very easy to understand Pre-school kind of approach. Students can expect to learn wonderful breathing and mindfulness techniques that easily fit into our everyday busy schedules. Some examples of the curriculum are the "Tantric Body Scan" Method” ,which is a daily self check in with our minds, bodies, and spirits. “Inanna's Tantric Massage Techniques for Traumas/Sexual Health Disorders” The exercises and methods devised by Inanna for dealing with Pre-Ejaculatory Control, Erectile Dysfunctions, sexual traumas, and the many other medical disorders that can effect sexual health. At the end of workshop A, there will be a question and answer portion where Inanna will share what she has learned during her 12 years "out in the field".

















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