Theatrical Invocation

**Please note – You may attend any single part/section without attending the other two - however - you will receive the deepest benefit from attending all 3 workshops.

The ancient Greeks used costumes, lighting, aroma and even mechanical special effects to create the proper atmosphere for worship in temples. They understood how effective theatrical elements can be when asking the gods and goddesses to grace us with their presence.

In this workshop you will learn new ways to access deity and bring them “more present” into your daily lives. Working with the elements as they manifest themselves in theater (sound and music, movement, color, masks and costumes, aroma) – we will develop a layering of techniques that will help to deepen your connection when calling on deity – creating a more tangible, sensual and tactile relationship with your gods/goddesses.

Theatrical Invocation Part 1
In this workshop, each participant will choose their own deity and we will work with sound, breathe and movement to connect with that deity – exploring new ways to create and perform invocations. We will draw from traditional knowledge as well as our own instincts and personal connections.

Theatrical Invocation Part 2
In Part 2, we will explore the more tangible elements of costume, masks and even aroma – and discover how the act of creating and using these “props” can help to deepen your connection and understanding with deity. We will be making ‘deity masks’ in this workshop.

*Please note – there will be a $10 materials fee for this part of the workshop for those who wish to create masks.

Theatrical Invocation Part 3
In Part 3, we will put all the elements together by creating a song/dance invocation to our chosen deities. We will explore privately as well as share our invocations with each other in groups.

*You may wish to wear/bring clothing that you find expressive of the deity you are invoking.

















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