Starwood XXX Blooms at Wisteria! July 6 - 11, 2010

We're thrilled to have found such a perfect site for Starwood's Thirtieth birthday: Wisteria.

Check out our complete line-ups of speakers and bands,
and you'll see we're continuing our tradition of excellence
and diversity in entertainers and workshop presenters.

Raquy Danziger and the Cavemen w/ Middle Eastern Drumming
Rev. Ivan Stang ranting Starwood 30th anniversary pearls of weird wisdom
Billy Woods on Drums
Harvey Wasserman Greenpeace / Columbus Free Press journalist
Oberon Zell-Ravenheart on Neo-Paganism & Wizardry

Featuring live performances by:
Awen, Brian Henke, Loch Erie, Phat Man Dee, Raquy & the Cavemen, Jim Scott, Terry Dame & Electric Junkyard Gamelan and more!

Imagine . . .

Three stages!

- The main stage where our top acts will perform
- The Green Man Tavern where the brew is on tap, and the mood is medieval.
- Caffeina's Cosmic Cafe, a large pavilion where you can enjoy wholesome breakfasts, lunch & dinners while you listen.

Wisteria has dedicated nearly 3 acres of their land as a Sacred Sites area. Presently, there are two Earthworks -- a Turtle Mound and the Ancestor Mound built by the community and visitors. The largest feature is a 125' diameter stone circle marked with quarter stone structures. Feel free to bring a stone from your home to place around the circle. A sweatlodge in the forest is tucked into a nearby hillside. A shady grove of locust trees near some bluffs is a perfect meditation space. 

Workshops are held in pavilions as well as in beautiful flat shaded clearings in the woods throughout the campground.

Four hiking trails lead through beautiful woods and all loop back into the campground. The walks are easy-grade, well-marked and meander along creeks and through hardwood forest, pines and rock formations.

NEW shower house & outdoor rinse-off stations w/ hot water on demand!
NEW child care area.
NEW ceramic kiln for pit firing with Beth Rosemary!
NEW field opened just for our bonfire!

NO merchant fee or percentage of sales taken.

BRING your radio! We'll have our own radio station with workshop updates, weather reports, interviews with speakers and performers, and a mix of music so wild it has to be heard to be believed.

Imagine drumming and dancing around a sparkling bonfire on a balmy warm Southern Ohio Summer night. That's Starwood XXX.

We hope you'll join us!

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