Coyote Run

Originally formed in 1999, Coyote Run has changed significantly from its Celtic Folk roots, evolving into one of the hottest bands on the Celtic Rock circuit today. Blending traditional tunes with rich, literate lyrics, compelling melodies and rock, jazz and flamenco instrumental hooks, this band weaves a tapestry unlike any other out there. Their lyrics and music take the audience on a journey that is at once heart stopping and foot stomping. Tears, laughter, clapping and spontaneous dancing are regular features of a Coyote Run concert.

Our instrumentation begins with musical elements familiar to fans of Celtic music, i.e. wailing bagpipes, dancing whistles, and intricately woven accordion lines, but then includes the tribal growl of the didgeridoo and the backbeat of the djembe, all couched and supported by world class jazz/rock bass, and driving rhythm guitar. But none of this would work at all, were it not for the symphonic, nuanced and incredibly powerful rock drumming that surrounds, supports and drives all of the music. All of this musical power and richness wraps around our acclaimed lyrics. Founder David Doersch was a professor of Theatre for over 20 years when he began writing the music that brought this band together. His love of poetry, drama and myth has served as the focal point for this wildly unique band.

"Imagine Jethro Tull on Broadway and you start to get the picture." -- Sam McDonald, Music Editor, Daily Press, Norfolk, VA

In 2001, we released our self-titled CD, produced by award-winning Canadian Folk music producer, Paul Mills. This CD was met with great enthusiasm and generated great interest. This album served as the connecting point for the band and Ariel Rogers, the widow of Folk legend, Stan Rogers. As the band matured, this relationship continued and grew. Of course, the relationship with Paul Mills and his lovely wife, Bev, began with this CD and continued through four of the Coyote Run projects.

"The audience levitated three feet off their chairs, that's how good Coyote Run was." -- Rich Warren, Host of Folk Stage, WFMT, Chicago, IL

In 2002, we answered the call of fans for a live CD and released "Full Throttle Celtic." This album received favorable reviews in Sing Out! magazine and Dirty Linen. This album was followed up in 2004 with another Paul Mills collaboration, "Don't Hold Back." This critically acclaimed album secured Coyote Run's position as one of the premier Celtic Folk acts in America. As the band's popularity grew, so did their touring schedule. This increased activity caused us to shed 2 long-time members, Steve Holliday and Les Kayanan. With their departure, we decided that it was time to create a whole new sound. Drummer Catherine Hauke was brought in and she immediately began making changes...good changes. With the addition of a truly musical percussionist and skilled symphonic drummer like Cathy, our music was taken to a distinctly new level. Also in 2004, guitarist Mick Mikula stepped in to begin touring with Coyote Run. Mick's beautiful tenor voice, and disarmingly charming personality became an instant hit with Coyote Run fans.

"Not since Bruce Hornsby has Williamsburg, Virginia given birth to such energetic musical excitement." -- If... A Journal of Spiritual Exploration, Newport News, VA

In 2005, we went a little nuts and decided to release 2 albums within 2 months of each other. Both were produced by Paul Mills and bear his signature quality. "Tend the Fire," the fourth Coyote Run CD is a holiday recording unlike any other Christmas CD. No Jingle Bells here. This is an eclectic, ecumenical, and witty holiday compilation with something for everyone on it. The CD continues to enjoy strong sales. "Pleads the Fifth" is our fifth effort. The CD continues to be one of the band's most popular recordings as it features, among other very popular pieces, the audience favorite "Lord of the Dance." It should be noted that both CDs were recorded within weeks of Bruce Harris joining the band as our new bass player. The poor guy had to learn dozens of new songs virtually overnight, help develop new material and cope with the nuttiness of our touring schedule. Thankfully, he was a seasoned pro and handled it all with grace and aplomb.

"The take-no-prisoners approach to Celtic music." -- Gene Shay, WXPN, Philadelphia, PA

2006 marked another major change for us as long-time multi-instrumentalist, Gabe Stone, stepped down in order to remain closer to home and family. One cannot imagine the angst we experienced as we wrestled with how in the world to replace a musician that played bagpipes, didgeridoo, whistles, various drums, tuba, and more. Then, the heavens opened, the gods smiled and Doug Bischoff walked in the door. Doug's audition was a virtual orgy of instruments as he was tested on song after song. Lightning doesn't strike twice? Think again. Of course, it didn't hurt that he plays trombone.

"Funktabulous infused Gaelic-rockesque folk with a big barrel of mead!" -- Kevin Crowe, Knoxville's Weekly Voice, Knoxville, TN

"Places" was released in 2007 and is a live double disc (CD/DVD) concert recording. The CD was recorded both in Williamsburg, Virginia and Troy, NY, produced by band-leader David Doersch and engineered/mixed by Mike Seddon of Live Sound, Inc. This offering has been enormously popular due in large part to the DVD included which was produced, edited and directed by band-member Doug Bischoff (oh yeah, in addition to playing all those instruments, he is also an accomplished audio and video engineer with a complete studio and state of the art equipment).

Still more changes greeted us after the release of "Places." The band's schedule was becoming increasingly grueling and both Mick and Bruce needed to step down. As with each change, we decided that we would embrace it and allow a new sound to develop, thus following the path we've carved for ourselves all along. It was our great luck that Michael Kazalski contacted us about wanting the job of bass player. A veteran musician for over 30 years, Michael's experience was enormous, ranging from top 40, to crunchy rock to Country Western and Jazz, this man can do it all! It was an additional bonus to discover that he can do all of this while singing spot-on harmonies (with an enormous range) and... he plays bass trombone (what are the odds?).

"Listening to Coyote Run reminds me of a large...library where every book you open gives you a view of something fascinating." -- Art Ketchen, Celtic Beat Magazine, Cambridge, MA

Our search for a new guitarist/vocalist culminated in the arrival of a very talented instrumentalist who also played trombone. Zack Williamson joined the band for a one-year stint, helping us put out our seventh CD, "Between Wick And Flame," and though he has now moved on to spend more time with his daughter, Coyote Run charges onward!

With the new lineup, a new sound had emerged and Coyote Run was now firmly in the category of Celtic Rock. Because of our long history on the Celtic circuit, this change was greeted very positively by our colleagues in other bands and our fan base has more than doubled since we took things to the next level.

"If the Red Hot Chili Peppers wore kilts...they might sound like this band." -- Mike Farragher, The Irish Voice, Boston, MA

In January of 2008, the work began on our seventh CD, "Between Wick and Flame." This CD was recorded at Doug's studio, Ceridwen Productions, and produced by David and is clearly the high water mark of all of our albums to date. It features audience favorites like "The Tiger," "Finnean's Dance," and "Fool," but also introduces them to new favorites like "Falcon's Mouth" and "Whalesong." The response to this album and the band's new configuration has been so enthusiastic that we completely sold out of the first run of the CD within one month its release. There is a real buzz about Coyote Run right now, a wave of new energy and excitement among our fans that is palpable.

Presenting a rich, intelligent and passionate music to our audience, we stand on the most prestigious stages in America, huge festivals and concert halls, famous music clubs and more. We present a music that touches the ancient, the mythic and the traditional and bridges it all into powerful, accessible Rock.

Come and experience the magic that is Coyote Run!


















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