Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell took his first yoga class some 38 years ago, while still a high school student in Texas. Then he detoured to Hollywood for about 15 years, working on stage, and in television and film (in front of and behind the camera). After all the insanity and craziness of Hollywood, he became a serious practitioner of Indian styles of Yoga and Taoist Yoga some 13 years ago, to heal and ground his Hollywood experience. He has been teaching Yoga full time for more than 7 years using many styles to suit the needs of the students. He is a certified Yoga instructor through Integral Yoga, but has studied with many masters in other traditions. He currently teaches regular classes and workshops in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area at Yoga studios and gyms, as well as large gatherings outdoors in nature, among the Faire spirits, at his home. His classes at the University of North Carolina have had as many as 120 students, so he is used to working with large groups of people at all levels of experience. Scott's teaching philosophy is to provide a magical, open, and sacred space for people to explore their relationship to their body, breath, and mind, and learn to trust and enjoy the experience, as they deepen their conscious awareness to themselves and all that is. His Laughing Meditation has been featured in local papers, as well as many papers and television and radio shows throughout the country. He has taught many workshops over the years on multiple topics and styles of yoga.

Partner Yoga

A fun and meaningful way to connect to your significant other, a good friend, or someone you just met and want to get to know, or even a stranger, who won't be one for long! We will use the principles of yoga and support each other in a variety of poses, developing trust, being mindful, and playfully opening our bodies and hearts to each other. No yoga experience is necessary.

















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