Kirk Everist

Kirk Andrew Everist has sometimes described himself as a Fallen Radical Anarchist Gnostic Lutheran (FRAGL) but more often and more recently as a prophet of the church of improv, in which he has served as a coach and performer for over twenty years. Dr. Everist holds a Ph.D. in Dramatic Art from the University of California, and was recently tenured at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, where he directs and teaches theatre studies. He has presented at Starwood before on polyamory, theatre, improvisation, and Pagan-Christian dialogue.

Loving More Stories: New Narratives for Polyamory

Much of our culture is monogamist because the stories we tell ourselves assume that love is a binary relationship, which romantic triangles can only destroy. What stories can we find that describe the loving polyamorous relationships we wish to devise? How can we tell stories differently to make space for more than one love in our lives? What stories and ways of storytelling can we recover from the past, or reinvent for the future, to build a new understanding of love that matches our expanding understanding of relationships? This workshop will explore how our imaginations have sometimes failed, and how we might construct a foundation of stories on which to rebuild a polyamorous imagination.

More Than Lovers: Polyamory As Paradigm

Polyamory can be about more than sexual partners. It also provides a world view for building and maintaining multiple commitments in 21st century relationships. Career, children, family, on-line life, close friendships all involve negotiations for time and energy, particularly with primary partners. How can polyamory provide language and models to help navigate difficult transitions, shifting goals, and competing needs? This group discussion of approaches and advice explores not only lovers, but the other beloved flowers we include in the bouquet.4

















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