Taliesin Govannon

Taliesin Govannon has been a student of the occult for over 25 years, studying a potpourri of topics ranging from hauntings and poltergeists to UFOs, demonology, tarot, ceremonial magick and beyond. He has followed the path of Witchcraft for the past 20 years, partaking in everything from solitary practice to Celtic Traditional Craft; as well as leading a myriad of eclectic open circles along the way. Taliesin is currently High Priest of the Coven of Caer Ariarhod in Northeast Ohio. He's a dedicated humourist, author of the now-infamous original set of redneck Pagan jokes, as well as former humour-columnist for "The Witches Brew" magazine. He is also a free-lance writer, author of a series of probing essays on Modern Wicca recently published in a collection called "In My Own Hand Of Write", as well as a forthcoming book on Traditional Wicca for solitaries.

Creating Your Own Tarot Layouts

Reading tarot can be both fun and informative. Making the act of reading tarot a truly personal experience can be a challenge, however, as most authors have their own definite ideas on how the cards should be laid out and read. Going beyond three-card spreads and celtic crosses to creating one's own tarot spreads is a fun and deeply personal way to connect with a reading, and can truly integrate the cards into one's own psyche. In this workshop, Taliesin will go over some common-sense techniques for constructing workable tarot spreads, and give tips for devising your own unique system.

Qabalistic Tarot

(with Willowe Starling) Tarot, as a divinatory tool, went from fortune telling booths to being a vital tool for modern mystics when The Golden Dawn connected the cards with the mystical Qabala. Indeed, most of the decks used today are patterened on either the Rider-Waite or Crowley Tarot systems...and both were Qabalistic systems devised by Golden Dawn members. In this workshop Willowe and Taliesin will give a basic intorduction to the glyph of the Tree of Life, and how it can be used to read the Tarot in a way that is both simple and eliminates any guess work.

















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