Doug Gundling

Doug Gundling has been involved with sweatlodges since 1986. From 1987 to 2008, he assisted or coordinated the sweatlodge ceremonies for Pagan Spirit Gathering, bringing the sweatlodge to Wisteria in 1997 with the relocated PSG. Since then, he has built three successive sweatlodge sites there, maintaining its frame, blankets, and other equipment for the Wisteria Summer Solstice and Corn Stalk festivals.

Sweatlodge Orientation for Participants

A general overview of a sweatlodge shall be presented. We will discuss fundamentals of traditional sweatlodges, share personal experiences with sweatlodges, and advise how to prepare for the evening sweatlodge. Those who wish to participate in a sweatlodge need to attend this gathering.

The Sweatlodge

The cycle of birth and death fuels the flame of life. Nature is a process of seeking stability and equilibrium of maintaining balance. A strategy for existence in such a world is movement through the cycles, built upon the four quarters of the directions; the elements, the seasons. Such a strategy is fundamental to traditional sweatlodges. Rather than emotional questioning that follows a reaction, one learns to take action with emotional clarity. The sweatlodge is a ceremony of cleansing, of renewal. It is a ceremony to ascertain balance. A sweatlodge ceremony is shaped by both the past and the present. Individual freedom in belief is woven with traditional ritual methods. Your spiritual sincerity is the most important thing you can bring to a sweatlodge. No Drugs or Alcohol; just the 4 Elements Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. Number of participants and format for sweatlodge will be determined at the11:30 AM orientation class on that day, Wednesday or Friday.

















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