Ed Haggard

Ed Haggard is a percussionist, drumming teacher, and a drum circle facilitator who loves to play! Ed leads a performing percussion ensemble called, The Love Drums which has instilled the irresistible urge to dance in many people. They have played and taught at many venues including Drum & Splash at Four Quarters. Ed has taught over 4500 drum classes and workshops including nine years at University School of Nashville. He has had ongoing beginner and intermediate classes for adults in Nashville for years as well. Ed completed a playshop training with Arthur Hull, and he's had classes with great djembefolas such as Mamady Keita, Famadou Konate, Bolokada Conde, Koungbanan Conde, Ally Scylla, Madou Dembele and Mamady Sano.


Learn hand technique to get good sounds without a lotta pain. Learn some universal grooves and some traditional rhythm patterns. Experience multi part rhythms that make 'em dance!


Dunduns are the stick drums that provide the base groove in west African traditional rhythms. Learn basic universal dundun grooves and some traditional rhythms. Yes you can play a dundun and a bell at the same time! Learn how dunduns really make a groove cook.

















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