James Kelly

James Kelly (AKA Blacksmith O’Kelly) of Spirit Forge Crafts has been fabricating and welding metal crafts using modern methods for 16 years. He has been demonstrating traditional coal-forge blacksmithing at renaissance faires for 6 years. Wisteria Solstice 2009 was his first Earth-based festival, and he looks forward to returning many times in the future. His interest in blacksmithing has evolved into an effort to pass knowledge of the craft on to others in order that the art does not die. He attends the Unitarian Church in Huntington, West Virginia with his wife Vallorie and his daughters Sierra, Rowan and Catie (and neices Cassy and Sammy). One of his goals is to learn more about his Celtic origins, particularly their forging techniques.

Introductory Blacksmithing

Participants will be offered the opportunity to forge an athame or bolline from a railroad spike, or make tiki-torch holders and gardening tools, or suggest their own projects. These sessions will be held for approx. 2 ˝ hrs daily. Available for all ages (under 18 requires parental permission). Registration signup for all classes starts on the 1st day of the festival. Shoes that cover feet fully/long pants/shirt required. Safety glasses provided and required during forging. Forging is free, but to keep the item made (assuming you are happy with the finished product) a material fee of $1 to $20 (depending on the craft) will be charged.

















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