Daniel and Jenni Lupinski

Both Daniel and Jenni Lupinski have been doing shaman/healing work for the past 25 years. Daniel began his studies with Michael Harner, author of The Way of The Shaman in 1980 and in the early 90's completed a 3 year program in Advanced Shamanic Healing at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Both are presently working with South America and African spirit shamans. Daniel is also completing a book on his work entitled The Water Lives Deep in the Woods. Daniel and Jenni will be available for individual healing work throughout the festival. Just look for the 1975 green Champion motorhome usually parked near the North Pavilion.

Advanced Shamanic Healing (2 - part workshop)

This workshop is for those desiring to learn how to do traditional/tribal shamanic healing work. This is a two part workshop. The first half will be a refresher course on shamanic journeying as well as an opportunity to connect with power (totem) animals and shaman spirit teachers that may be available for you to work with. We will discuss all the elements of conducting a shamanic healing ceremony and address such things as soul loss, illness intrusions, and familial and spirit possession. In the second half you will have the opportunity to pair up with a partner to see how the shaman sees and learn to do diagnostic work. No healing work will actually be performed unless conditions are exactly correct mutually between partners involved and/or there already exists a previous mutual bond of trust. Please bring drums, rattles, eye cover (if needed), a blanket, and other shaman tools you may have already collected.

Shamanic Healing for Our Children (2 - part workshop)

This workshop is for parents and their children. We will discuss how shamanic healing can be performed to keep your children little light beings clear of possessions and intrusions that can negatively affect them. The first half is for parents only! We will use the drum to explore the “dreamtime” journeying into the lower world to connect with power animals and to shamanically see the spirit nature of your child. In the second half of this workshop you will have the opportunity to shamanically see them in a spiritual way and then be able to merge with your own totem (power) animal or shaman spirit guides to perform the necessary healing to keep your children little Tinkerbells and Peter Pans! Please bring a small blanket to sit on!

















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