Maestra is a grant-winning composer, performance artist, and arts educator. She has been performing professionally since her teens, playing instruments from Farfisa organ to Brazilian Surdo to Senegalese djembe to Baroque violin. She is Director and Composer-in-Residence of the Adult Choir at Humanistic Congregation Beth Adam in Cincinnati. She directs the world music trio Cosmeau, produces for techno-lushpoptronica duo Perfect Jewish Couple, directs the Surdo section for Cincinnati Samba School, and co-founded world music group Drums for Peace. Maestra is also a visual artist, painting original silks for home and body and weaving gourd shekeres. She has a Masters Degree in Education; holds State of Ohio Professional Teaching credentials in Music, Spanish, and Elementary Education; and is an Orff-Schulwerk certified music educator. She also facilitates interdisciplinary arts residencies for camps and schools, and teaches gourd instrument making, children’s whole music, and women’s drum ‘n’ chant workshops at retreats and festivals in the US.

Drum n Chant for Chicks

This is a participatory, fun, fab-ucational workshop experience for (you guessed it) women only! Appropriate for all levels from absolute beginner to seasoned drummer, and for all ages from 8 to 88, this workshop brings group drumming home to the heart of the women’s community. The workshop begins with an opening ritual to call in the Ancestors and Open the Directions, accompanied by a Yoruba chant. Maestra then introduces a wide array of world percussion and teaches the basics of each (How do you hold this thing? What’s it called? Where’s it from? How do I make a sound?) Women rotate through the different instrument groupings to taste the options and find an instrument that calls them to play it more. Maestra then teaches the components of the rhythm, singing is added, and (time permitting, final element of dance & movement) and Voila! a new community of women drummers is born!

















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