Louis Martinie

Louis Martinie’ is an author, liturgist, percussionist, a Spiritual Doctor and Drummer/Priest/Elder of the New Orleans VooDoo Spiritual Temple, and a primary drummer for the rituals of Priestess Miriam Chamani. He drums with the Mambo Muslima, Cabal Tambour Dan-i, Krewe of Nutria, and for the ritual shows of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, and has conducted ritual drumming workshops with Don DuFrane and Luis Manuel Nunez. He teaches and offers confirmation in an Order of Service to the loa that combines elements of New Orleans Voodoo with Tibetan Buddhism. A frequent presenter at both the Starwood Festival and the WinterStar Symposium, and the editor for Black Moon Publishing, Martinie' has been associated with the anarchistic grouping of ritual magicians known as Bate Cabal. His publications include Waters of Return (Black Moon), The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (Inner Traditions/ Destiny), and the newly released, Priest's Head, Drummer's Hands: An Order of Service (Black Moon).

Drum Prayer: Dr. John's Prayer to Stop the Oil

About a month ago, Louis was doing a drum prayer for clear waters at the Voodoo Spiritual Temple. Dr. John (Mac Rebennack ) called the Temple and dictated a beautiful prayer he got from Spirit for protection of the waters. Norma, who works at the Temple, brought the prayer in, and I played it on the head of my drum. Very powerful! At the Starwood rite, we will pass out copies of the prayer with a veve drawn on the back with oilless waters from the Mississippi. A pure white feather from the wetlands (Louis lives next to Saint Bernard Parish) will be used to clean the head of each drum before playing. It would be good for each of us to recite the prayer while playing along with it on the drum head. A tasty calinda rhythm will be taught and played. (The copies of the drum prayer are from Maegdlyn Morris and the feathers are from Mishlen Linden.)

This is something we are all doing together. We are all spiritual warriors. It makes sense to use the power that we have to protect the beauty and lives around us for ourselves and others. A discussion of the oil will follow the prayer.

New Orleans Voodoo: An Order of Service Performed to Stem the Oil

During this ritual session, drum prayers and rhythms developed at ceremonies held between 1995 and 2000 by the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple will be taught. These prayers/rhythms are part of a unique Order of Service based upon birthing. These rhythms are played with the head, heart, and hands. The session will end with an honor-bound confirmation in this Order of Service, given through the loa blanc dan-i. The prayers and rhythms can be learned without participating in the confirmation. Emphasis in the session will be on charging the loa to help stem the oil and free the coast of oil. A discussion of the effect of the oil will be offered.

















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