Shakthi Paramasivam

Shakthi Paramasivam came to yoga through his family. Since his early introduction to yoga Shakthi has sought masters of different lineages in India and the US to further his knowledge and develop wisdom through the practice of this knowledge.

His classes are infused with this wisdom, and the deep understanding that has come over the years through the practice of various yoga styles, martial arts and dance styles. His teaching is powered by ancient wisdom packaged for modern needs through the movement of the body, mind, breath and energy. Shakthi is the founder of Agni yoga and Fluid Dynamics yoga. They both are powerful means for self expression and discovery utilizing different aspects of life!


Firewalking is a very powerful tool for the transformation of the self. When you have walked a hot bed of coals that is 1000-1200 degrees F, you have walked to a different level of consciousness. A level where life becomes easy! There are no more obstacles to your growth but challenges to enjoy! It moves us from a place of apathy,greed, fear lust , anger and pride to a state of acceptance, love, joy and peace.

Nada Yoga

(Presented with Josh Sherman).

In this workshop we will focus on the relationship between the chakras and sound. We will tap into our chakras through movement, chanting and the beat of the tablas. This workshop will focus on the alignment of the body for the purpose of cleansing and rejuvenating the chakras.


Tantra is a practice that enables us to accept everything as it is! No judgement, no resistance, no attachment. Tantra is a powerful and gentle tool to realize our true nature. There is learning through joy without any pain. Tantra utilizes one of the most powerful forces available to us humans, the sexual energy. This sexual energy can be tapped into for furthering our evolution. Come and see how!!

















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