Cheri Shanti

Cheri Shanti is the author of the book, Muse Power: How Music Making Heals us from Depression and the Symptoms of Modern Culture. She has been working with groups for over 12 years sharing the joy of interactive music and rhythm around the world. In addition to her community building work with music Cheri has also recorded 5 CDís, and continues to produce unique original music in Boulder, CO. For more info:

The Evolution of the Drum Circle: Applications and Teachings for Better Drum Circles and Community Music Making

This experiential workshop offers an in depth look at drum circle dynamics: past, present and future. In this workshop we will explore ancient methods of drum and dance cultures around the world, examine current paradigms for drum circles, learn tools to help evolve and transform your community drum circles, learn the Ten Conscious Considerations for Better Recreational Music Making, and learn the Four Building Blocks for Building better Drum Circles. Be sure to bring your instruments, a notepad and your wisdom to share with us!

















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