Indian Rhythmic Theory, Vocal Percussion and Improvisation

(1 slot per day for 4 days; no class is a prerequisite for another) This workshop is intended for people of any skill level who would like to begin exploring rhythmic theory, especially the classical Tala systems and VOCAL PERCUSSION of India. The resulting rhythms can be applied to any instrument and type of music, not only drumming and Indian music. We will collectively study how to apply these musical elements to our own playing, specifically to structured improvisation, also known as motivic development. People are invited to bring any instrument they are comfortable with and begin applying vocal patterns to their instrument, or they can simply focus on clapping, counting, or vocalizing rhythmic patterns. (Some handdrum basics can be given for those with handdrums, however the focus of this workshop is on theory rather than technique.) Topics covered will include: structured improvisation, odd time signatures, maintaining a reference beat while subdividing it in various ways, and how to improvise polyrhythmically over the reference beat. The goal is NOT to learn specific rhythms, or to learn a particular style of playing, it is to increase our own sense of musical individuality, by learning how to apply these processes to whatever music we choose. (Or to whichever music chooses us!) Although this material can easily be explored for a lifetime (or more?), with practice, a stronger sense of rhythm and increased musicality will be felt immediately. Josh will also be available to workshop participants for further study throughout the duration of the festival.

















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