Willowe Starling

Willowe Starling has been a Witch for 18 years, and is an initiate in the American Celtic Tradition of Wicca. She has been involved in her local pagan community since 1992 and has helped facilitate various Circles and events over the years. She's also a student of the doumbek, has studied with Raquy Danziger at her New York retreats, and was recently featured as "Messenger of the Month" on Raquy's website in April. She's currently offering weekly drum classes and private lessons in Northeast Ohio, and playing whenever she can!

Getting Odd

While the vast majority of western music is based on even rhythms...4/4, 6/8, and the like... billions of people in the middle east and Asia have grown up on odd time signatures: those based on 5,7,9, and onward. In this workshop, Willowe will go over traditional rhythms from other cultures based on these "odd" numbers, and show you how much fun "getting odd" really is!

The Paranormal Pagan

(Presented with Taliesin Govannon).

At one time, most people came to the Pagan Religions through traditional occultism; ghosts, spiritualism, parapsychology and the like. The recent explosion in accessibility through modern media, however, has meant that a great many newer members of the Neo-Pagan community have little to no experience in these areas of western occultism. In this workshop Taliesin And Willowe will explore "classic" topics like hauntings, poltergeist, demonology, UFOs and more; and look at all through the unique perspective of Earth-Centered spirituality.

















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