Nellie Werger

Nellie Werger has spent most of her life acquiring theatrical, circus, and related skills. She learned to juggle in self-defense, as her partner at the time was a member of a street juggling gang, and they shared a one-room efficiency. She was a street mime at the time, something to which she rarely admits. Part of the jugglers' creed -- more like guidelines, really -- is that once you learn, you teach. She sees this as an opportunity to add to the juggling community, as well as a gathering place and time for other jugglers to share. In the Mundane world, she is a costume and set designer for the local theater.

Open Juggling Session

A time to Throw things: cooperative patterns weaving the air, cats cradle of objects through time. Juggling for all. Those of you who can, come and play! Those of you who want to learn, come and learn. Teaching available for beginners. Bring your toys.

















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