Billy Woods

Billy Woods is a Taoist and a teacher of Qi Gung (an internal meditational exercise form). He is a Drum Instructor with over 35 years' experience, and has been an ethnic percussionist performing and recording new music for dance for over 20 years. He is part of the percussion ensemble Seeds of Time, and is presently collaborating with Imani White as part of Rhythm Shamen. (His performance can be heard on the tapes Street Drumming Live at Starwood and Seeds of Time Live at Starwood, and the CD Halim El-Dabh Live at Starwood, available from ACE).

Chi Kung Exercises

The practice of Chi Kung, developed in China over a period of centuries, increases the level of internal vitality through the use of the breath, slow movement forms which are often based on movements in nature or of animals, and visualization patterns related to the oriental system of energy meridians in the body. This particular form, the Tao Tan Pai or Taoist Elixir Style, is based in the teachings of Grand Master Share K Lew of San Diego, Ca., who studied for 14 yrs. as a resident monk at the Wong Lung Guan (Yellow Dragon) Temple in Canton, China. He has been teaching since coming to America in 1949. Part I will involve the beginning set of Nui Gung, a short power set of five relatively easy movements along with quiet seated meditation, to maintain good health and increase vitality. Part II will utilize the Shen exercises which help develop Chi energy, improve visual focus, and promote self-healing. Part I is a pre-requisite for Part II.

















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