Raquy Danziger

Raquy Danziger is one of the most popular performers, teachers and composers of Middle Eastern Drumming today. Audiences worldwide are not only surprised by this young woman from America, but captivated by her virtuosity, profound musicality and the passion she brings to performances. Her varied repertoire includes traditional Middle Eastern music as well as her own compositions. A classically trained pianist, Raquy first discovered hand drumming during her travels in Varanase, India where she immersed herself in the study of Indian rhythmic cycles. Later, in Israel, Raquy was drawn to the hourglass-shaped Middle-Eastern drum known as the dumbek, and the groove of Middle Eastern music. Raquy Danziger also performs on the kemenche, an instrument from Iran, which is much like a violin. Raquy & the Cavemen have produced several CDs including Dust, Naked, Jordan, Mischief, and their latest Bewitched, and Raquy has a solo album called Masmudi. She has also produced an instructional kit with a book, DVD and CD called Dumbek Fever. A highlight of her career was in March 2005 when Raquy was invited by the most famous drummer in Egypt, Saiid El Artist, to perform as a soloist with his troupe.

Dumbek: All Levels

This class will cover the basic technique of the dumbek and popular traditional Middle-Eastern rhythms. You will learn how to accompany Middle-Eastern music and Belly-Dance, and some basic concepts in soloing on the dumbek. You are welcome to bring any drum but the Alexandria style dumbek is recommended.

Intermediate/Advanced Dumbek

This class will cover some more advanced technique and rhythms on the dumbek. We will learn: Turkish Split Hand Technique; Snaps; Different Finger Rolls; Odd Rhythms. You are welcome to bring any drum but the Alexandria style dumbek is recommended.

















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