Ari Mankey

Ari Mankey is a teacher, dancer, and High Priestess. Dancing under the stage name "Ayperi" (Turkish for "Moon Fairy"), Ari specializes in Egyptian cabaret style bellydance, while also indulging her interests in folkloric dance from the Middle East and North America. Ayperi is a popular performer and instructor in the state of Michigan, dancing at various festivals, restaraunts, and theatres. She's also a member of the Habibi Dancers, a bellydance troupe based in Lansing Michigan. Ari believes that dance can be a vehicle to find our high selves and commune with the gods. When she's not dancing, she can be found officiating rites in the infamous Morrison Clan with her husband Jason.

Dance for the Greenman

Channel your inner wood-sprite, nymph or satyr and dance in celebration of nature! Learn a Belly Dance inspired scarf dance set to "Greenman" by XTC. Dance experience is not necessary, and people of all dance levels are welcome.

Fire Shimmies - Belly Dance moves for Bonfire Circles

Have you ever wanted to just let loose and really dance around the bonfire, but you weren't sure how? In this workshop you'll learn how to use simple belly dance movements to dance around the bonfire without running into everyone else trying to do the same thing. There's so much you can do around the fire: spin, turn, shimmy, and step. A whole world of bonfire dance is waiting for you, come and grab it!

Veiled Belly Dance

Veils are often used in American Belly Dance, to add a bit of flair and color to a dance set. In this class, you will learn to work with a chiffon veil in a fun and flirty choreography. Veils will be available for use during class.

















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