Alex Wedmedyk

Alex Wedmedyk is a facilitator of self-healing and spiritual growth workshops, using the power of rhythm. He is a Master Drum-maker, Drummer, Workshop Facilitator, and Craftsman. He connects with compassion and deep understanding to the struggles and challenges of everyday life with a proactive, simple solution-oriented methodology. In his workshop he integrates the methods of shamanism, with ecstatic trance rhythms as well as rhythms for fun-fulfillment. In this process which he calls "Rhythmical Attunement", Alex uses sound therapy (Cymatics) to help people shed patterns of ill health, dissatisfaction and dysfunction and create a new healthy, more complete self. "Our inner strengths and outer powers are directly related to how well we move through our lives in rhythm". Alex started his career as a professional craftsman in the early 70s working in leather and brass, and then in sterling silver jewelry. In the early 90s, he began making drums and chose drumming as his main form of creative expression. After a spiritual awakening, he shifted his focus from business to the hidden secrets of rhythm. Alex has studied with many teachers and master drummers, over the past 15 years. He has performed and done workshops at many gatherings, schools, and public venues, and he has been a ritual drummer and various Earth Spirit Ceremonies.

Drummaking and Repair

You will assemble your own drum to completed form. New drums includes choosing your own natural wood drum shell and hide, complete assembly and a lesson in making “diamonds” to keep the drum tight and tuned. Prices will vary with the type of drum picked to construct. This workshop takes two 4-hr sessions to complete.

Instant Drumming

Play drums with little or no instruction. With the power of sound participants will repeat patterns of sounds with minimal instruction. This is a shortcut to drumming, bypassing the cognitive process of learning and remembering. It’s just about doing without thought getting in the way.

West African Drum Rhythms

Learn the many parts of a West African rhythm. Polyrhythms bring out the true power of the drums.

















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