Ron Walks With Fire

Ron Walks With Fire, AKA “Pele Ahi” in Hawaiian, has been a student and practitioner of Hawaiian and Micronesian Spirituality for a generation. He resided on the islands of Palau in Micronesia where he studied native spirituality and ritual. Prior to that, he lived in Nigeria and studied Hausa mysticism. Journeys for study and practice include holy sites in Avalon, Brittany, Cornwall, Mesoamerica, and North America. He is a Priest of a Federally recognized church based in Ohio and has taught numerous workshops and seminars, created new rituals and celebrations, and has performed as Priest in many large rituals across the nation. Ron also hosts seasonal festivals and The Mysteries of Extángelŕ (a personal spiritual initiation held during late summer), and several other overnight Festivals at FireHeart in Toledo, Ohio.

Cutting the Cord: Releasing Permanency

In your everyday life you create both voluntary and unconscious contracts and commitments which you intend to be permanent within this life and sometimes into the next. When these relationships transition, they have a tendency to hold you back. Anecdotes will be shared to illustrate the process. (Some with names changed to protect the guilty!) Explore ways to move on and reclaim your magic and power after the breach of contract experience from the loss of a partner, parent, child, job or other life commitment.

Mentors Who Don’t Suck...You In!

More often than expected, those who position themselves as experts in the esoteric arts are at best charlatans and at worst vampires. How do you find a teacher, mentor, guide, counselor, or clergy for magical or spiritual learning who is altruistic and has your best interests at heart? This workshop discloses a number of practices that will help you expose those who offer their services as a way to feed off their students or adherents as well as the traits exhibited by genuine instructors of enlightenment and true spiritual leaders. This is a participatory workshop. You may be called upon to share your insights and experiences.

















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