Keshvar Project

Keshvar is an ancient Persian word describing the structure of the world and its origins. Likewise, the Keshvar Project encompasses all parts of the world, borrowing and honoring different cultures and styles. Troupe Director Camille Wagner and Music co-Directors Mark Stucker & Gregory Morris lead a rich collective of creative and dynamic spirits. Always a crowd pleaser, Keshvar members have performed across the United States in a variety of venues. Keshvar Project performances are highlighted with 'tribal style' belly dance, part Turkish, part gypsy, part Spanish, part Moroccan, part Egyptian........ sensual and earthy. A mesmerizing flight of melodies and drumming rumbles forth a vision of moonlit community celebrations with a harmonious spice. Interaction and communication among the dancers express the language of feminine energy through choreographed and improvised movements. Together, the music and dance showcase the old and new, reflective at one moment and intense the next. Let the spirit and soul of the Keshvar Project inspire you.

Dynamic Composition by Gregory Morris

Learn basic music composition elements in this hands-on participatory workshop. Greg will explore arranging rhythm and melody in an intuitive way that will inspire you in your own musical creations.

Fast and Funky Tribal-Fusion-Style Choreography

Already a dancer looking for new combos? Want to learn a super fun dance that can be done solo or with a group? This is the place! Learn the moves, practice ‘til your tired, then rip 'em apart, rearrange, and use them for your own devices :)

Slow and Slinky Tribal-Style Dance

Learn liquid movements, smooth transitions, graceful energy transfer, even snakier snakey arms, airy travel steps, and more! Then put it all together to intuitively dance as one flowing, hypnotic group...

















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