Beth Rosemarie and Zeeb

Beth Rosemarie and Zeeb are artists, best known in connection with the Faerie Garden. Artists in clay for over 20 years, they have recently “branched out” as Feywood, creating magickal mixed media elemental beings, furniture, and installations.

Faerie Wings

Make, paint, and dance with your own Faerie Wings as seen in the YouTube Video “Beth Rosemarie's Faerie Wings”. We will have a variety of materials available. Materials fees range from $5-$40 depending on materials used.

The Goddess: Sculpting and Pit Firing

Sculpting creatively, with historical references, we will each create a small goddess figurine in clay. The pit kiln will be filled and fired on Friday night (with due ceremony and homemade wine in celebration), and be ready to open on Saturday afternoon. Voluntary contributions to cover the cost of materials will be accepted.

















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