Starwood XXXI Registration

On-site registration cost is $225.00 (for non-ACE members) or $205.00 (for ACE members), cash only. (Sorry folks, we've been burned too many times, have no way to effectively process credit cards at the gate, and will be happy to direct you to nearby ATM machines for your convenience.)

Minors aged 6 - 17 are $50.00. Children aged 5 and under are free of charge.

Vendors must be registered attendees of the event.

Now you can experience Starwood from 4 PM on Friday, July 8th through Monday, July 11th for just $100.00. That's $125 off the full-event at-door price, and you'll still be there for SubGenius Rev. Ivan Stang's rant, concerts including Elemental Groove Theory, Broccoli Samurai and Chicago AfroBeat Project, all of Saturday & Sunday's workshops, PLUS the Kid's parade, a multi-media party in the Pufferdome, our hallmark Saturday PM bonfire, and the afterglow on Monday.

There's no online registration with the weekend rate. But with $100 cash in hand, you can join us for it all, plus three days of camping in the beauty of the Appalachians foothills.

Don't you deserve to experience something unique?

Refunds will be granted at our discretion but we reserve the right to retain a modest handling fee.

Please have positive photo ID handy at check in.

Coming early?

Make arrangements with Wisteria regarding early arrival and/or departure.









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