Shaheen Alikhan

Shaheen Alikhan began studying bellydance in Fairfax, VA, with renowned dancer Kallilah at the age of sixteen. She continued to take as many classes and workshops as she could get her hips on, learning from a host of teachers including Zhaleh Fereshteh, Rachel Brice, Leila Haddad, Laurel Victoria Gray, Almay Amira, Baraka Mundi, Zafira, Jill Parker, and Kami Liddle, and performing with bands such as TURKU, Wine and Alchemy, Dragonsong and Balkanize!.

Bellydance Basics

This workshop is geared for beginners; no prerequisite is necessary. Tailored to those who have never taken a bellydance class, never taken any kind of dance class, or taken a few classes at some point in their life, this workshop will cover not only basic moves essential to bellydance and how to string them together in simple sequences to travel or use at a fire circle, but posture, balance, and tone.

Multi-Level Bellydance Combo Class

All experience levels are welcome in Fata Morgana Bellydance's made-to-order, folkloric tribal bellydance workshop. We invite those adventurous souls trying it for the first (or third) time to come find their groove with Shaheen's clear, logical instruction, while we guarantee that experienced and professional dancers will come away with brand-new material to freshen up their repertoire including layered isolations, slink-and-pop combinations, and traveling steps just as mesmerizing as the ones you do standing in one place.

















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