Beth Rosemarie and Zeeb

Beth Rosemarie and Zeeb are the artists Feywood, creating magickal clay and wood sculpture and furniture, as well as faeries, merfolk, dryads, and god and goddess sculptures in clay. They are best know at Brushwood as the people who have helped the Faerie Garden to manifest, brightening and gaining clarity. They dwell at its borders during the course of the festivals, and their faeries populate its inner sanctums.

Clay Sculpting: Cave Art

After a short review of the work of our early ancestors, we will inscribe onto sheets of wet clay images of our choosing, freely handrawn, or tracing the designs of ancient times, as you wish. These will dry in the sun, to be fired in the pit kiln firing on Friday. Wednesday, Village Green, all ages, materials donation ($5 or under) appreciated.

Clay Sculpting: Earthen Rattles

Learn to create a hollow camber filled with clay beads, shaped to form a small sculpture.... a fish, a bird, a goddess, an abstract geometric... let your imagination soar! These will dry in the sun; we will pit fire them in the Friday night pit firing. Wed; Village Green, all ages, .materials donation ($5 or under)appreciated

Clay Sculpting: Green Man Faces from Leaves

Using leaves found on the land we will make clay impressions, sculpt faces, add these ideas together to create green man (and green woman!) wall sculptures. These will be dried, then fired in the Friday night pit firing. Wed, Village Green, all ages, Materials donation ($5 or under) appreciated.

Pit Firing, Part 1

We will load the pit kiln in the center of the village green on Friday afternoon, placing our sculptures carefully nestled in cedar chips and wood; with the fire lit, the pit is then covered and smoldered up to a glowing red, adding wood gradually during the evening. Come for the loading, or enjoy the warmth and glow as the night progresses. Friday, 5pm.

Pit Firing, Part 2: Opening the Pit

We will take the lid off the kiln at noon on Saturday, the pieces should be ready to remove from the kiln (with fire gloves) during the afternoon.

















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