Bezl, master drummer, is also an imaginative drum carver, artist, sculptor and musician who is driven by an incredible passion for self expression through various artistic mediums. Bezl Drums are often noted for their unique style, elegance, tone, and sound projection. Bezlís Drums began about 15 years ago when Bezl carved his first African Style drum called a Djembe. Bezl Drums has evolved into a comprehensive line that now includes, chainsaw carved Djembes, Double Djembes, Djuns, Bongos, Congas, Djembeks, and lathe worked, concentric cut kit drum sets, Custom Snare Drums, Djembes, dumbeks and more. Bezl creates his drums in the same manner that he plays them, with passion, pride and enthusiasm. His love for the sound of the drum is readily apparent in the craftsmanship that goes into each drum. Each drum is built as if were his own, infused with his passion and filled with his sense of wonder at the amazing power of his art.

Chainsaw Labonto: Djembe Drum Carving Workshop

In this drum carving workshop, Bezl will begin with a cross cut section of wood (log). Bezl then uses a chain saw to remove all that isnít drum, until what is left is born rough sewn into this world as a tool of peace, harmony and community. Before and after the firing up of the chainsaw, Bezl will address and answer all your questions regarding drum making. This typically includes, Chainsaw safety, log selection, carving techniques, concepts for shaping the inside and out, ring manufacturing and selection and heading the drum.

















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