Laurelei Black

Laurelei Black is best known for her writing on Aphrodite and the contemporary priestesshood and cultoi in honor of this Goddess. She holds a BS in Education, and she is currently studying religion and folklore at the graduate level at Indiana University. She has written two non-fiction books along those lines and an historical fiction novel, and was the editor (and one of the contributors) for an anthology of poetry and art in honor of Aphrodite. She is also the hiereia for the Temple of Aphrodite Asteria.

Aphrodisia Ritual

Io, Kypris! Hail, Aphrodite! She who rises from Her bath off the rocky shores of Paphos! The ritual procession leads the icons of Aphrodite and Peitho (Persuasion) and the line of joyful celebrants to the bathing place where the statues are washed and freshly adorned, the men and women are instructed in the Mysteries of Aphrodite, and the priestess gives them gifts. The ritual is performed in the Greek ritual style, with introductions and explanations beforehand. Celebrants are encouraged to wear flowers, as this is most pleasing to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite's Bath: Cleansing and Creation Through Sensuality

The Goddess of Love was known for the force of Her sensuality and sexuality. Less well known are the qualities of cleansing, creation and regeneration that are also attributed to Golden Aphrodite. Her bath, the harbor off of Cyprus where she was born, was the symbol that connected these aspects of Aphrodisian power. This workshop explores the ways in which sensuality serves as a cleansing act and is the impetus for the power of creation.

Creating Aphrodisia Rituals

"Aphrodisia" is the common name for any ritual that celebrates Aphrodite and Her Mysteries. The Aphrodisia was celebrated in many parts of ancient Greece, with only a few remaining details left to us as to what the original rituals might have entailed. Modern celebrants can choose from a wide range of Aphrodisian themes, motifs, symbols and sacraments in order to create unique but meaningful rituals for the Goddess of Love, Sexuality, War and Passion. This workshop explores those elements; framing them in several different ritual formats (including Hellenic and contemporary Wiccan).

















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