Jim Brewster

Jim "Barleycorn" Brewster is a veteran Starwood camper who periodically obsesses about knot tying and other supposedly obsolete technologies. He is also a dad, musician, gardener, scientist, and drum maker. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist he has played onstage with many of the finest bards, minstrels, and percussionists on the Pagan scene. He currently plays regularly with KIVA and irregularly with the Bardo Brothers.

Tarp Mahal I: Luxury Camping on a Budget

Learn to build robust and roomy camping structures from simple inexpensive components: tarps, poles, ropes, and stakes. We will raise a six-pole canopy "from scratch" and discuss the various engineering principles that will help make it comfortable and secure in all but the wildest weather. Come and share your own camping wisdom, or just learn from the experience and mistakes of others!

Tarp Mahal II: Tying it All Together

We will look at some common and not-so-common bends, loops, and bindings, with an emphasis on camping applications. Strength, security, ease of tying & untying, ease of remembering, aesthetics, and spirituality may all be considerations in choosing a knot for a particular task. This will be a hands-on workshop, with plenty of opportunity to practice. All experience levels welcome. Tarp Mahal I is not a prerequisite.

















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