L. Dawn Gardner

L. Dawn Gardner holds a B.A. in Sociology from Youngstown State. She is a licensed Minister in the state of Ohio. She spent two years in study at the Carnegie Institute of Art. She is a Reiki Master and student of various healing arts. She is Priestess of Kore/Persephone of the Mysteries of Extangela. She is also the 2006 May Queen of Spirit Weavers. She has studied with the School and Church of Wicca. Dawn is currently a Dedicant of ADF and accepted in the CTP. She will be doing ADF workshops for this and other Festivals through out the northeastern U.S.

Death, the Final Frontier? Exploring Near Death Experiences

For many people this is the great-unanswered question. However, there are those who walk among us who feel they know the answer because they have been there. Join with Dawn as she explores some of the collected data that answers the questions of what happens when we die. Does everyone experience the same thing? Does the circumstances of how, or even ones life style truly have an effect on the experience? Is there a Heaven, a Hell, or even a Summerlands? What qualifies Dawn to teach this course? She is one of the ones who have been there. This is Dawn's account of her personal near-death experience. How and why it happened. What is was like for Dawn between the worlds. She will talk about how NDE's correlate to one’s personal believes. This workshop ends with a lead NDE meditation to explore personal living death.

Dream Time Journeys

Some of us sleep quietly, not recalling at all where we went in our dreams. Others of us wake up in the morning going "Whoa, what a ride! But what did it mean?" Come explore the meanings of dreams, the Aboriginal thoughts on Dream Time, and many of the modes of current dream symbolics. DO we have dream guides who show us the way? Re-occurring dreams: what's up with that? This course will combine learning with lead discussion. There are no right or wrong answers; let us explore them together. Bring your towel.

















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