Flec Mindscape

Flec S. Mindscape has been practicing the art of contact juggling for over 11 years. Some people have said his name(s) and the words "contact juggling master" in the same sentence. Within the past 7 years he has performed for many variety shows, private parties, night clubs, festivals, weddings, and events such as the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Silverleaf Renaissance Festival, Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival, Starwood Festival, Burningman Festival, and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Flec has taught hundreds of students to contact juggle successfully and is confident that he can teach any student who is willing to learn and practice the material. Flec uses his own techniques for students with different styles of learning and promotes individual creativity.

Sphere-play and Dance: Two Courses in Contact Juggling (Fushigi) with Flec!

These classes are for anyone interested in learning contact juggling/manipulation, particularly the form known as Fushigi! These classes are for those who may never have heard of contact juggling, or have even picked up a contact juggling or fushigi sphere. Flec will show you how to start the process of teaching oneself the relaxing and magical art form. Classes are beneficial from beginner/intermediate levels all the way to 'well-seasoned' contact juggling skill levels! Classes are run in a lighthearted, focused, friendly environment, are very low stress/impact, and are very rewarding. A limited number of practice spheres will be available from Flec so come early to reserve yours! Session One: Single Ball Contact Juggling (Fushigi) Session Two: Multiple Ball Contact Juggling (Fushigi)

















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