Stefanie Penn Spear

Stefanie Penn Spear is founder and executive director of EcoWatch. She is passionate and committed to educating people about environmental issues and bringing people together to achieve a sustainable world. Stefanie has been actively working on environmental issues for more than 20 years. From 1989-1999, she published Affinity, an environmental newspaper similar to EcoWatch Journal that was distributed for free throughout Ohio. Stefanie speaks throughout the state on ways individuals can lower their energy use in their home. She is president of Expedite Renewable Energy, a company that helps businesses assess their electricity usage, strategize the best renewable energy project for their site and implement the project from start to finish. Stefanie works on creating policy that will help transition Ohio to using renewable energy sources. Spear is the chair of the Green Team at Fairmount Temple and Village of Moreland Hills. She is on the board of advisors for GreenCityBlueLake Institute, Tri-C's Green Academy and Center for Sustainability, and Sunflower Solutions. She co-chairs the steering committee for the Advanced Energy Generation for Sustainable Cleveland 2019.

















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