Chip Staples

Chip Staples discovered music at an early age, learning how notes, chords, and keys fit together from his grandfather, a self-taught player of the violin, banjo, and guitar. Decades later, belly-dancers inspired him to take up the doumbek and learn Middle Eastern rhythms. To his surprise, he discovered a talent for playing, an interest in the music, and a true passion for performing for dancers. This passion has expanded to include West African rhythms, Tahitian music, and Eastern European music. Chip plays for the folkloric tribal fusion group Fata Morgana Bellydance Troupe and the Turko-Balkan band Balkanize!, and is a frequent guest percussionist for Baltimore-based DragonSong and Richmond-based Maharal. He is a founder and original member of Charlottesville Area Rhythm and Dance, a non-profit organization for supporting and promoting performers and teachers who use drumming in their art.

Drumming in a Group

Attendees will learn etiquette for and expectations when participating in a group of drummers. Types of groups addressed are drum circles, drum circles with dancers, structured performance ensemble, and dancer-accompaniment groups.

Introduction to Drumming for Dancers

Attendees will learn concepts allowing them to drum effectively for dancers, from basic ideas such as recognizing hints and cues from a dancer and general drummer etiquette to common conventions recognized by bellydancers, such as the 'rule of fours'.

















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